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Offering professionally led motorbike tours and holidays throughout the UK and Europe, we are a diverse team, but mainly from military backgrounds, we all have a passion for bikes and for travel. Professional CBT & DAS motorbike trainers, survival instructors, first aid instructors, bike fanatics and businessmen, make up this energetic, organised team with the key ingredient that brings it all together.....a sense of humour.

We understand the needs of both the individual and the group when it comes to travelling through unfamiliar areas and even foreign countries and maybe for some, for the first time as a group. Working as a team, from the back office staff making bookings, to the tour leaders looking after you throughout the trip, we will ensure that each and every day, of every guided motorcycle tour is as fulfilling as it possibly can be with everything organised and running smoothly.

On our motorbike tours we get many different types of bikes and riders with very different riding styles, and skills and believe we cater for everyone. We welcome riders new to riding on the continent, as well as the more experienced amongst you. If you prefer to make your own way to each destination and just enjoy the social aspect of mixing with the rest of the tour each evening, then we will provide you with a tour pack to make this as simple and stress free as possible.

Our motorcycle holidays range from Long Weekend Motorbike Tours to France, Germany and Belgium, which are ideal for first time abroad,  to 2 week tours across Europe, including Italy and Croatia

All our motorbike tours/motorcycle holidays include the services of a professional tour leader. This means that you do not need maps or directions. You are free to just enjoy the ride. However, if you prefer to ride at your own pace and be responsible for your own navigation, then we will include details in your information pack to allow you to do so. We find that by allowing individuals to ride ahead if they so wish, and also providing a professional motorbike tour leader, it caters for everyone, whether you wish to ride alone, at your own pace, or as part of the group.

We work hard, we go that EXtra MILe to make sure you enjoy the rides, the scenery, the sights, the culture and the adventure which is all part of the Extra Mile Motorbike Touring experience..

But it's not all about us...it's all about you and your enjoyment. So, let's shut up and let you have a look around the site. Remember don't hesitate to contact us if you have ay questions or queries


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